Whispers from Angels

I will bring your loved ones close.

  Medium ~ Paula Hales
           "I will bring your loved ones close."
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1 Hour Readings  $80

This is where I can help you with any questions you may have and focus completely on what you need to know.

Quite often while giving a reading there is usually someone who has passed over that wants to come through to talk to my clients. Usually there is still something left they want to pass on to you. I have clients that like to bring an item with them (ring,hat,photo,watch) and this really helps with the reading . 

When you call to make your appointment we will discuss just what kind of reading you're looking for and then you will receive a confirmation text for your appointment.







Hens Nights



Girls Night 

The psychic parties usually need a minimum of 5 people and each person receives a 30 minute reading. The host of the party will receive a longer reading and receive a small gift.

Please call for further information on bookings, areas covered and prices on 0432 374 095




Spirit Removal 

 Do you or even more importantly, your children have trouble sleeping or have the feeling someone is watching you? Quite often it will start off very subtle and get quite worse where you feel very frightened just to be at home alone.This is where you can call on me to come and clear your house for you. I come out and walk through the house with you and I will tell you what I feel and where I feel it. Then we will discuss what action needs to take place in order to eradicate the spirit from your premises.

I will always contact you the following morning to see how you went and if there needs to be a complimentary follow up session. 


I have been clearing houses with a 100% satisfaction from all customers.